One of the most overlooked aspects of travel is bathroom supplies. Most people remember the essentials, toothbrush, comb, etc but overlook many other common things. With local travel this is not so much of a problem. Chances are the place where you are staying is equipped with the general necessities that you are used to and if something is lacking it’s no great feat to run to a local store and purchase it. When you start dealing with international travel forgetting toiletries becomes more of an issue.

Since you cannot always run to the local store to get what you are missing it is important to remember a towel and washcloth. Overseas these items are not always provided in hotels and there is nothing worse than getting out of the bath after a long flight and finding that you have nothing to dry off with.

In the same vein, soap and toothpaste should also be included in your bag. Although most places provide these once again it is not always the standard overseas. Bringing your own “emergency stash” will save you the embarrassment and stress of trying to find these items in a foreign language. Also depending on how exotic your destination, they may not have anything close to what you are used to which could be a problem if you have sensitive skin.

It is no trouble to pack a few extras supplies in a zip lock bag in your suitcase. Remember to put them inside of a plastic bag in case of rough luggage handling and spills. This will protect your clothes and other items from damage.

By doing this you are ensuring that you don’t put a damper on your trip by forgetting a few small items.

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