I’ve been looking for a discount on luggage or wheeled duffle bags in preparation for my well deserved two week vacation away from work. Recently the nearest travel gear shop started offering discount luggage and wheeled duffle bags in anticipation of the coming vacation season. I’m only going on a 2 week trip so I won’t have any need for a huge, bulky luggage. My options were limited to duffle bags and since I don’t like to carry a heavy load all the time, I had to go with wheeled duffle bags. Out of all the discounted wheeled duffle bags on display, only one caught my attention: The Eagle Creek Centerline Load Warrior LT 30.

The Eagle Creek Centerline Load Warrior LT 30 is a wheeled duffle bag with a relatively large size for a duffle bag with its 59 inch linear size (30 inches by 17 inches by 12 inches dimension). To help with its large size, the cleverly named Load Warrior employs compression straps to hold its entire load securely.

The seemingly large off road wheels are complemented with a set of rugged footplates, providing a smooth, reliable ride over all terrains. As an added bonus, a soft touch telescoping handle makes for a versatile and adjustable handle length.

Made with the intention of being zipped from end to end, this wheeled duffle bag is very similar to a book, making for an extremely easier access and packing. It also features a convenient laundry chute pocket, accessible from the interior, intended to segregate the dirty stuff from clean ones, making it ideal for separating dirty laundry from reserved clothes. There is also a lower “boot” compartment that is ideal for storing your shoes and separating it from clean items (my shoes seem to be too large for the compartment, but I assume other people with smaller feet may find it useful for its intended purpose).

Going back to its relatively large size, multiple handles were designed into the Load Warrior to make it easy to move around. Convenient handles are placed on the top, the bottom, and center for an easy grab and go functionality. It highly efficient oversized wheels worked well when I tried it on the rutted, uneven gravel outside the store, making it easy to roll and drag the bag around, especially with its balanced frame, which meant that it won’t topple over when left alone.

All in all, the Eagle Creek Centerline Load Warrior LT 30 is an ideal discount wheeled duffle bag for short, 1 to 2 week trips. Available in dark gray colors with tomato red trims and silver handles. I bought mine as a special on the store’s discount luggage and wheeled duffle bags promo, but was told by the clerk that it is usually priced in the mid range. Even at that price, all the features of the Eagle Creek Centerline Load Warrior LT 30 make it a reasonable buy and well worth your money.

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