A school bag is something your child uses daily. Choosing the right one is not as simply as going to the store, and picking up one that match with your taste. Below are some tips to consider when buying a quality school bag.

Carrying a heavy bag on the back may lead to bad posture, aches, and pains in the back and shoulders. The school bag should not be more than ten percent of his weight, or he will have poorer lung function. The uses of one strap bags, which put weight on one shoulder only, will also have particular problems. Clearly, it should be able to handle all the stress, and supporting his back.

The school bag should have strong ergonomic features, with strong zippers, buckles, reinforced lining, and stitching. The bag, straps, covers, and the pad should be made of durable material. For additional comfort, look for the bag that contains back padding for extra comfort. It should be strong, and lightweight, with enough room for the books and A4 folders and other stationary. Make sure it has at least large main compartment, and front pocket. It is better to look for the bag that is eco-friendly. Be sure the shoulder strap edges is comfortable enough for easy to wear, and easy to carry.

You can add a windowed bag for displaying the bus pass. This feature eliminates the need of your child to handle a bus pass when boarding a bus, while he already occupied hands, and carrying books. He also will be able to grasp a handrail while climbing into the bus.

Really find a bag that fits with your child. Ask your child to always use both straps. Avoid slinging the bag over one shoulder; it may cause spine damage. Always check in case your child overload his bag. The right school bag should be ideal for protecting school books, and your young bones.

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