You must have often experienced the nuisance of being forced to place your handbag on dirty surfaces like floors or tables at eateries. This is quite a pity because such places are the breeding ground of various forms of germs, bacteria and fungi. The end result? A dirty handbag, of course! Quite unnecessarily so, especially when there is a simple invention like the purse hook to rescue you from such petty troubles.

You may be wondering, “What exactly are purse hooks and what is so great about them?” They have been used by ladies since the chic flapper era of the 1920s. If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘purse hook’, look no further. It is a type of hook designed for the specific purpose of temporarily fixing one’s handbag to any kind of platform like a table or a chair. Handbag hanger or handbag hook are different ways of referring to them. They are a handy little things that are very easy to carry around.

When one has a purse hook, there is no need to keep the purse on your lap in order to keep it safe from thieves. Keeping one’s purse on one’s lap also has it’s disadvantages too. It causes the wearers clothes to crease or crumple up and can look very unprofessional and unsightly. Thus having a purse hook ensures that you will not have to face this problem anymore.

They also have the added advantage of deterring thieves from snatching your valuable belongings since they are always kept within your range of vision. It is very difficult to constantly keep your eyes on your purse when its on the floor!

Another advantage is that it saves space. Rather than making your handbag take up ample space on a table and creating unnecessary clutter, you can easily hang it instead. You get more space to work and a less cluttered table in the process.

This device can of course be used to hang things other than a handbag such as an umbrella or a polythene bag.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including the original L shaped wire, a bracelet type which can be opened, a ring kind that can be twisted when in use. Queen Elizabeth II of England is known to use one with an elegant S figure.

Indeed, this is one practical accessory that has a high fashion quotient along with it.

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